Dub The Earth released their first full studio re-mastered reggae based album RAVING FOR THE UNDERDOG which for a band that began in the 1980’s, some may say ‘tis a long time coming'! The reasons are many but largely due the band’s preference for live performance where their frequently challenging lyrics can be delivered without compromise.  The album was laid down in 2010 and for reasons of industry, family and life events including the untimely death of Steve Swann, it has taken a while to be completed. But the wait is surely worth it and we have here an auspicious album of great beauty.

Raving for the Underdog is still  availible :

We can send you a copy. To order send us a request and we will email you the info. ( Cost is £10 which includes P&P (To any UK address)

You can also normally purchase a copy direct from us at any live avent we are at.