CRISPIAN BAKER R.I.P. Shocked & saddened to hear the sad news about lovely Crispian... A really top man, who when I think about it, was the main reason for me having such a fantastic time at the last few Alchemy Festivals with Dub The Earth & RDF. Blessings to you mate for being so helpful, fun, enthusiastic, easy going & irie..many dedications to your life & spirit.. May your soul soar brother... Dan X(Feb 2015

4 years ago today (1st April), Steve Swann passed away. We lost a great singer, a great bass player, a great song writer and a great friend. He lives on in his music, which comes in many forms, from Dub the Earth, RDF, The revolutionary dub warriors, kaya cooperative, revolutionaries, the Seventh sense, Head games or even the brief time with Chocolate teapot as well as his solo recordings. All a part of our history we have shared with him. We still miss you loads Steve.

Must send out love and thanks to all involved with the horsedrawn Beltane Bash, this year as well as every other year we played at this festival. If you not been to one look out next year, best little featival and a great way to start the summer.

Just finished our May tour and would like to thank everyone who made it such a great time. People from the Horse drawn & Surplus fest special thanks. Not so busy now until September but Skunkfest & boomtown awaits.

Had a great time at Boomtown, thanks all who came to see us.

YA! Great weekend, Up to Dirty weekend festival, played on the wango stage first time in like 20m years, then to bath with Culture Shock, can you have a better weekend... Off to a festival in Holland next woooooo!!!

Thank you Galder open air Festival, every one in the ire vibes and Jah Rej, great weekend

Alchamy was brill, as always, thanks all involved

The Crofters gig was a blast, thanks everyone really had a good time

Another great night at the Tavern in Hungerford, nice one all involved, Happy birthday Katie

Thanks to everyone at the horsedrawn, Beltain bash.

Great festival, best start to the year

This is an old poster while we were supporting the Magic mushroom band think it was 89 but would not put money on that


We are working on putting together a collection of previouse recordings. This will be called the history collection: Most of the master to these were stollen from us back in the mid 1990. so we are left remastering cassette tape copies. However if not the greatist of qualities some of this music is far to good to be lost. For those who have followed the band for years, hearing the 1990 Newbury Collage gig again or reliving the old 'Cry out' Cassette for the first time on CD might be a small pleasure.

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